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Hands On

VISITING DESIGNERS : The schools 'Visiting Designer' project was set up to help improve the perception of the Scottish textiles industry as a positive career choice - through practical design and research projects with real working designers. So far the initiative has been rolled out through schools in Lanarkshire, Borders, Tayside and Ayrshire schools.

To celebrate the success of the initiative, Skillfast UK has set up a web-site with project details and pictures - visit
  College Based

Scotland produces a high number of textile related graduates who enrich the Scottish textile industry in areas such as design, production and marketing. As part of the support available to education, Scottish Textiles have made the Trend Presentations available to final year textile students to ensure they gain a current understanding of the industry and its trends. For dates and details of presentations visit the Noticeboard

For information regarding employment opportunities within the textile industry please visit

An on-line register for people interested in working within the Scottish textile industry.

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