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The Scottish Executive and the Enterprise Network are committed to working with the industry to ensure that textiles remains one of Scotland's key manufacturing sectors, driven by continual product and design innovation, new technology, highly skilled workers and successful marketing.

Textile Facts 2005

  • The textiles industry is the 7th largest exporter within Scottish manufacturing.
  • Textiles account for over 3% of all Scottish manufactured exports.
  • Textiles accounts for approx.6.3% of manufacturing jobs in Scotland
  • The textile industry employs approx. 22,000 people in Scotland and creates more value, per úm of output, than any other manufacturing sector in Scotland.

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weaving Weaving : All over the world, Scotland is renowned for the quality of its woven apparel and furnishing fabrics.Please click for more information.
knitwear Knitwear: The knitwear industry is part of Scotland's textile heritage strengthened by two centuries of tradition and constant innovation .Please click for more information.
apparel Apparel: Clothing is a major and growing sector of Scottish textiles, combining traditional skills with contemporary designs and practical applications.Please click for more information.
technical_textiles Technical: Scottish technical textiles cover a multitude of products from knitted heart valves to artificial grass to automotive safety fabrics. Please click for more information.

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